ACROSS THE DRAWBRIDGE ist ein Instrumental-Album und als Filmmusik für einen Historienfilm konzipiert. Die Titel sind den Szenen entsprechend gestaltet.
Die Instrumentierung wurde authentischen Klängen des Mittelalters angepasst, und gleichermaßen orchestral akustisch abgerundet.

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Hier der Begleittext zum Album - entsprechend den Szenen.


1. Imagine the medieval times: Two young troubadours were on their way through a lonely region. It was a stormy and Rainy Night ... Soon they reached a gloomy valley and they walked on a narrow path right through The Witchwood ...

2. After that scary night the young men escaped in the first light of dawn - 
and in a distance they saw a proud castle, that stood as a silhouette against the rising sun. It took not much time and they walked
Across The Drawbridge.

3. And there rose the mighty walls and towers of The Castle. Fanfares sounded as the troubadours passed the open gate.

4. Oh - what a wonderful morning after the bygone bad night. So the young men strolled inside the stony shelter, and reached the big tower of the castle. Who would wonder about - they climbed up the stairs to have a View From The Tower.
Meanwhile the sun was in higher position, and they overlooked the distant land, where all seemed really peaceful ...

5. When they were back on the ground again, the visitors heared through opened windows a sweet melody of Banquet Music.

6. "What's that ?!" the young and courious troubadours might have thought. From the backside of the buildings rang out voices of a crowd and laughters mixed with music. That led them to the place of a Medieval Fair.
Whow ! What a bustle ! - What a haggling ! - What a nice atmosphere !

7. Nearby - beneath a little balcony, a minstrel held his harp, sending his message up to the Lady's ear. And while the noise of the fair sounded faintly - Geoffrey's Tune filled the air, floating on wings of love ...

8. Later - in the afternoon, a Procession moved outside of the castle across the sunlit area. Low whispered prayers for a large harvest. A real solemn moment to feel inner contemplation by the power of faith.

9. A big event happened: Many people had come to watch The Tournament of heroic knights. Sounding fanfares and colours waved, as the first fighter entered the lists to meet his rival ... still unknowing how it ends.

10. There's another time of fighting ahead. - And it was just the hour of farewell Before The Battle. Glory mingled with deep sorrow and sadness.

11. Meanwhile little Uzma's playing outside on the meadows in the sun of spring. Running with carefreeness, she saw the world through innocent eyes of a young girl. Wearing a wreath of fresh flowers on her head, she did Uzma's Springtime Dance.

12. The troubadours left the castle to continue on foot their travel. Already the sun was in the west, when they had a last look on that green meadows which stretched down to the valley - where the Rising Mist wove a silken sheet for the coming night.

13. Now - the brave travellers were on their way again, and still there was daylight to make out the dusty street. And while they tried to cover a distance, the sky slowly turned red by the sundown. Taking a side road, they came into a wood which was called Poacher's Ground ...

14. Well, the two young men remembered the last night and frightened they searched for a way out of the dusky wood. The sun was down meanwhile, and the pale light of the moon was shimmering through the blackness of the trees.
In fact the troubadours meant to recognize the Witchwood. Hesitating they walked on into the darkness, guided by some few fireflies.
And then - there was the soft glow of a light before them. They speeded up their steps and reached
The Glade ... It seemed to be a safe and peaceful place with the moonlight on it. So they sat down and - it took not long - they fell asleep.

Maybe they saw really fairies dance. - Or was it only a dream ?



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